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Is there a peneft tuning stock engine

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Hello to all ,

Mohammed from Oman ,

Is it profitable to tune stock engines , Actually I got big demand from customers asking for tuning for power with 0 modifications , to be honest it is very hard to extract the 10-20 horse power left especially if no dyno available !

I would like to hear from you partners please and ofccourse Andy opinion .


Good question, I myself am currently tuning a stock FA20 in an 86 and while the power gains are minimal on my NA 2.0 liter motor the drivability and response enhances quite drastically compared to stock.

I think this question varies on what motor your tuning my friend. If the car is boosted from the factory i'm sure it'd be quite easy to extract that extra horsepower. If the car is a v6/v8 I'm sure you'd be able to gain 10 horses no problem. It depends on how conservative the tune is set from the factory.

I would suggest finding dyno graphs for the vehicles your customer have and see where the gains were made to give your customers a realistic idea of what gains are to be made and where in the rev range will they feel these gains.

Also, the car will always drive better with a correctly calibrated tune. Hope this helps!

Thank you mathew , I am sorry that didn't specify !

Actually I meant NA engines , you are correct it varies from car to car a long with the engine horse power and other variables .

With dyno you can see the gain ofcourse and that's what guarantee your profit then. But a gain customers complain that they can't feel that small gain which is normal .

My customers complain about that and for corrections they asking for street tuning perhaps they can feel the gain .