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Hi guys! I have Honda H22 with 260hp daily driven and sometimes weekend circuit races. Its worth to put there ITBs? Can it be tuned for daily drive - 1000km per month? What about fuel consumption?

Thank you.


ITBs can definitely be daily driven however there are a few considerations. I've used a few sets of ITBs on honda engines that tended to stick at closed throttle which made them very hard to drive in start stop traffic but that was more an issue with the brand rather than ITBs in general. I'd suggest tuning using alpha N but retain a MAP signal for background fuel compensation (this will be ECU dependent and for example with hondata this can't be done), as this will provide more consistent AFR in daily driven duties along with being able to go some way to compensating for changes in IAC position at idle.

I hope you see this! I daily drive a B20/Vtec civic Eg running Jenvey ITBs I have tuned it on Neptune and I have to agree with Andre that you need the MAP compensation for daily! As for the the IAC I have made an adaptor plate for the factory IAC valve and I have it hooked up on the vacuum collector!

A video from my car: [url=]