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ITB's stalling

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Got a slight issue with my honda b16 on itb's when coming to a stop at junctions etc. if you blip the throttle a bit before idle rpm it will not stall, but if you let the engine run down on its own it will stall.

Ive tried so many different settings on the overrun fuel cut and overrun fuel resume but nothing makes a difference.

Attached a short log, you can see the stall just after 18 seconds.

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It looks like the AFR is very lean in that specific spot just before it stalls which certainly won't be helping. ITBs can be a little tricky too. you may benefit from opening the throttle stop slightly and reducing the base duty cycle for your IAC valve.

I forgot to mention I do not have an IACV. would it be beneficial to open the throttle stop at touch and reduce timing in the idle area?

At what rpm should fuel resume after overrun cut?