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good day. i am having problem reaching my target boost. i am targeting 24psi from about 3500 RPM all the way to red line and i am not able to get more than 15 pis of boost. built subaru STI bigger turbo and injectors. in the practical reflashing course it was said that i need to adjust turbo dynamics and boost error tables. i change most of the correction values in these tables to 0 and i'm still not able to reach my boost target. any idea why.

The first place to start would be to make sure that there isn't a mechanical issue with the turbo system or wastegate. I'd suggest if you have access to a manual boost control valve that you temporarily fit this and make sure you can actually get the boost you want. Depending on your turbo size you still may not be able to hold 24 psi all the way through the rev range too and you may see the boost drop off at higher rpm.

In the ECU you will need to adjust the maximum wastegate duty cycle tables as well as the boost target tables before you will be able to get good control.

this is the trubo I am using


I am sure the trubo can make the boost. Problem is I am not making my target boost anywhere along the rev range. 15 psi is the most I get. And I can make 24psi with launch control. Also my stock turbo was able to make 20+ psi of boost.

Some more info please... IWG or EWG, current spring pressure, EBCS type and configuration?

As Andre said, confirming mechanical operation would be the first step.


I am not good with acronyms so spell it out for me please.

I cant get my hands on a mechanical boost controler. I might just reinstall my stock one and try again. I am almost tempted to disconnect waste gate shaft and see if I get boost

Internal or External Wastegate, Electronic Boost Control Solenoid

i got it sorted. the waste gate actuator needed adjusting. i thought it was set from factory so i just installed the turbo. it was not completely close so it was bleeding off the boost i guess, anyway after adjusting it i was able to reach my target boost after going for a test drive. thanks for the help guys. will let you know how the tuning goes

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