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JDM Subaru impreza WRX STI tuning

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Good day all. Can someone give me some assistance on tuning stock computer for JDM wrx sti. I have all the necessary tools needed. ( tactrix open port 2.0. Ecuflash and romraider. My problem is I'm not able to set up romraider to be able to log my car. I was able to read the rom with ecuflash and open it with romraider for tuning. Question is how to log with romraider or how to log with another software if some one knows of one. Thanks

You'll need the correct logger definitions for romraider which sounds like your problem. You can download these from the romraider forum. An alternative is to use ECU Edit for reading/writing and logging. EVO Scan can also be used for logging Subaru.

ok thanks for the speedy reply. but where do i find those software. i am doing a google search as we speak and no luck as yet. also i think i have downloaded all the definitions i can find on the romraider website and non of them seems to work. am getting a message saying the loggger definition is not configured correctly. i wouldn't mind using another option if its free or not too costy

good day Andre. i have found the software and tried it out last night. i used the free version. results are a bit hard to read. mainly i am trying to figure out if and when my engine has knock so i can attempt to tune it out. i have attached a copy of the log. can u assist me in figuring out what is are the knock readings? i saw some knock corrections so i am assuming that means i am having some knock.

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