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Jeep Cherokee 4.0 6 cylinder custom trigger

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Hi guys

Just checking if someone got a trigger design for a 4.0 jeep cherokee engine?, we got a linkg4+ storm ecu installed on it and seeking for the best custom trigger that we can use, the old and existing trigger won't work properly, any suggestions Cheers!

I'm not familiar with the Jeep 4.0 engine so can you tell me what the factory trigger system is and what the problem is for using that with the Link? In general when it comes to custom trigger systems your options are close to limitless however most true custom systems require a lot of work and can be costly. I'd be inclined to try and work with the factory trigger inputs or modify them if that is possible first as it will be the most cost effective solution.

Thanks for the reply Andre, please find attached trigger scope thats been captured while cranking the engine, expert from Link told me that it is similar to PT cruiser trigger pattern but not exactly the same, when we tried to fire the engine up it seems the timing is off, and running rich, also by using the trigger pattern attached, are we able to use wasted spark set up on the ignition Cheers!

Attached Files

These trigger captured during cranking have been sent to link before I tried to open it but i can't see any wave pattern, when i sent this to link they say it is similar to PT cruiser pattern cheers!

How much of a hurry are you in? We had an internal discussion last week about the priorities for the next firmware release and the Jeep pattern is on the list. I dont want to make promises we cant keep though - that may be 3 months away...

If you are keen to do a custom trigger my suggestion would be to keep the standard 1/2 moon on the cam/dizzy and put a 12-1 or 24-1 on the crank.

Thanks Adam, not in a rush now, I just came back from Asia where the project is, I will wait for the release of the new firmware and also find ways to make the trigger pattern on the crank as you suggested, thanks for the reply cheers!

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