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jeep wrangler new ecm flashing

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hello everyone ..

a freind of mine had his ecm destroyed during tuning when the battery went down , he bought new ecm and it came with no data inside

its jeep wrangler 2013

how can we flash it? it has no date inside


I've never been in a position where I've needed to start with a brand new factory ECU. It's possible that to get you up and running the ECM will need to be originally flashed by a factory dealer ship. Have you attempted to perform a write to the ECM yet?

there is a guy doing this not a dealership ..i was wondering how!

I'm not too sure exactly what you want to know? Depending on the reflashing software it may be possible to write to a brand new ECU but otherwise you may need to take the ECU to a dealership and have it flashed by them initially before changes can be made. Often the security imobiliser will need to be setup when you're swapping a new ECU into a car.