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jerky/unsmooth deceleration

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if i am crusing around and i accelerate to about 2000rpm then let off the gas it starts decelerating and when it reaches 1700rpm downwards the car becomes jerky sort of like if you would hit the brake then let it off then hit the brake again then let it off and it would do that to idle speed , it accelerates fine its just that area needs some help in

Does if have an overrun fuel cut? You can get that behavior if the combination of timing and idle air is a bit too much or it intermittently misses which is common with high overlap engines. You can try more or less ignition advance at high vacuum (or 0% throttle) low rpm and try different fuel reestablishment rpm it it has an overrun cutout or reducing throttle stop of it has a bypass (will need to reset 0% throttle and idle effort)

If you have incorrect settings nominated for vehicle speed/clutch switch etc for idle speed control it can cause problems too.