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JimStim , Ardu-stim or any other simulator

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Like the title reads have any of you used JimStim , Ardu-stim or any other simulator ?

Not looking to invest alot of money in a simulator

But if some of the cheaper ones work ok I thought it could be a good tool to have around



G'day Gudmundur.

I've got a JimStim, and I find it pretty handy. I hooked one up to a Life Racing F90A at a previous job to get some learning done on the software while the vehicle it was going into was still being built, and it was definitely worth it for the leg-up. In particular, their trigger signal decoding is super flexible, but requires a bit of setup and it let me get on top of that on the bench without needing to crank the engine.

What are you looking to use one for?

Hi Zac and thank you for the information

My setup is a 2jz-gte vvti controlled by Link Thunder

I am looking at testing out some features which I plan to implement like.

Nitrous control

Transmission control - co2 air shifted th400

Maybe boost control - co2 and I can datalog wastegate opening with an sensor in my TurboSmart WG

I think I will get a JimStim , sounds like something that will be good to have around :)

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