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Jumping AFR

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Hello gents.

Easy question for a change.

The AFR is going lean when i give it some revs then settles down back to 14.7.

This is just lack of experience from my side. Can anyone assist me with pointing out the flaw in my map? I can fix it with TPS enrichment right? All compensations currently set to 0.

It goes a lean when i step on pedal obviously cause more air is coming in. Then when i get off she goes rich in the 11 and 12 ranges. Then settles at the target aim of 14.7. Not quite sure which area of the map i should mess with. This is pretty much as good as the car has ever been. So im pretty stoked about that. Was ready to give up but now shes driving for the first time since November 2018. Whoo hoo.

O yea and its a Spirtonics Orion2 on a 6g72 N/A with no modifications with auto gearbox.

Whoops forgot the video

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Going lean on acceleration and rich on over run points to work needed to be done on the transient fuel mapping.

been fiddeling with it today for quite a bit.. its getting better.. guess just gotta practice trail and error til i get it right

Hi Enzo,

Have you watched the EFI tuning fundamentals course? In the section regarding acceleration enrichment, there is an in-depth explanation of the AFR fluctuation caused by rapid throttle opening/closing. There is also a webinar on the subject that is very helpful...

hello yes i have all the tuning courses.. been working on cars for years and all but new to tuning and all. i went the standalone route. iv rewatched them a few times... ill just run over it again. car is getting better and better everytime.. Slowly but steady gets the job done

I don't have an answer for you, but I was under the impression to not "chase" a specific Lambda during transient, as long as the engine is crisp and there's no jerking, no knock, and it get back on target quickly after.

I feel i should clarify i dont have a dyno on this and all compensation is set to 0. I figured its probably the speed at which the ECU responds also. The measured air charge has to pass through the engine. The MAP sensor is located upstream to the injectors. So when you "floor it" an extra air charge is going to pass through the engine creating a lean reading in the O2 and when you get off the throttle that air charge is going ti reduce creating a rich reading.

The car is running split sequential ie 2 injectors fire at once so the fuel is already added before the air enters the cylinder.

I can adjust tps enrichment but will do that later. I think its just nature of the car. Got it running very nicely on 14.7 up to about 2500 rpm. Everytime i work on it the car gets better and better. So thats good.

Thanks for all the help gents. Its running 100 times better than it was before

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