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So I'm sure this is going to sound pretty goofy at first but I've got my ol obd2 1996 geo tracker that once rebuilt I'd like to play around with and learn making ecm adjustments. Im going to try and find the correct exhaust manifold for sale to slap on a turbo as right now with it's lift and 33inch tires theres not enough power to actually use 5th gear at all. I'm not expecting to make huge gains or anything but more to learn tuning from a vehicle that's easy to fix and cheaper to fix. So I'm curious on if there's a way I can use the stock ecm and a piggyback setup through obd2 to connect to my laptop with to make adjustments. If it's even possible. If so where do I find the required software and hardware? And if not possible what are my other options without spending too much. Reason I say that is just because I'm looking to learn with this idea I'm not looking to make drastic changes that are going to require me to rewrite an entire aftermarket ecm program just to start out with. I'm open to any ideas or suggestions. Thank you in advance!

Hi Justin, i dont know much about your engine choice here but maybe check open soarce tuning for some free software other than that a piggy back ecu like a link kurofune would be a great idea