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Knock analog output for Dyno

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Dear fellows,

I was wondering about the analog output on some knock sensors, interfacing with the dyno software (dyno dynamics in my case). Has anyone tryed it? Is is effective or is the human ear the way to go?

I like the idea of having the knock setup wired to the dyno...just don't know if it would actually work.

Units I've found with this capability were the Phormula and the Kmon. Anything else out there? Phormula has a nice price = 300GBP.



I have used Phormula KS4 as a analog input in my ecu for logging. The output is very nice, You can chose the bit rate of the output and also set the unit to listen for certain frq from the sensor.

So far it seems the KS4 is a nice unit. It hasn't let me down yet. I use it in conjunction with KS pro(?) audible knock thing.

The following image toy can see the KS4 log. with knock on the second pull.

Dan thanks, thats exactly what I wanted to hear...

Anyone linked it to the Dyno software? should be pretty similar but Im just wondering if anyone had experience with it.

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