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Hi All,

Following the unlock of my ECU, I can see there is no knock control setup. this sounds crazy to me as one batch of bad fuel or any issues then engine could be lost given my engine is forge and quited stressed at around 700 bhp (fly). My car does have a screamer pipe and once on boost, it does get quite load.

my question is, do you think it is possible to get link to get a good base level on the road? could it be tuner didn't set it up as it was too loud?

do you always setup knock control on your cars?

I can see two options in link which are Knk Internal and DI Knk Interface. Internal means the ecu does process the signal from the knock sensor. I assume G4+ does have this and can support it

external would mean what for instance? is there another device monitoring the sound etc?

It's totally worth doing, but it can take a lot of time to perfect. I am working on a couple of 944 Turbo projects to upgrade ECUs from old MoTeC M4s to M130s, with the major benefit being knock control for these 500 hp beasts.

External volume (what you call loud) is separate from the internal mechanical noise or electrical noise that the knock sensor picks up.

As for road tuning -- personally, I think you need the controlled environment of a dyno to do the best tuning job, but if all you have is a road -- then that will have to do.

Is your car currently wired for a knock sensor or sensors?

I so think it has, my car is currently off road and only way to find out i guess is enable it and drive or see if wiring is connected

does g4+ have internal controller?

I would start with looking at the wiring harness -- are there knock sensors mounted on the block, and does the wiring harness connect to them? Then I would check the pinout for your ECU to see where the knock signals go, and use an ohmmeter to verify that it is connected to the knock sensor connectors.

A G4+ Thunder has 2 knock inputs, what ECU do you have? On the G4X line, on the the Storm and above have the onboard knock control.

G4+ plug in version is mine on r34

probably easier to find pin out and measure resistance across it as engine bay is quite restricted. What resistance should I see? I guess if lazy just enable and drive it?

also want to buy a knock detection headphone and ideally visual. What brands or models do you guys recommend?

why drive it. Why not just start the engine, and look at the software live -- is there a knock signal?

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