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Knock detection

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I'm having a bit of an issue with knock. I tuned this vehicle using a Phormula ks-pro for audio knock detection and a ks-4 for knock monitoring. Best I can tell I set it up properly per their instructions. Vehicle is a Honda turbo d16y7 using Moates hardware and Neptune software.

The issue I am having is when I tuned it I detected no knock. The day I tuned was fairly mild at about 75 degrees and as such the coolant temp never really got super hot, it hovered around 180-190 and intake temps stayed around 120. Fastforward to my first track day and it is 100 degrees out and I'm seeing 200 coolant temps but only about 125-130 intake temps, but the ks-4 is counting knock. Now the datalog function on the ecu is buggy at best for me so I didn't get a datalog that recorded when or how many times it counted but obviously I knew this was an issue. First I verified AFR was normal at around 12:1. So I fattened it up a bit and pulled a little timing but it didn't seem to make a difference. I obviously couldn't do an audio detection to verify on the track and we haven't had a hot day since that I could test on. The only other time I got the ks-4 to count knock was when I got stuck in heavy traffic then accelerated hard when it cleared up. But again I wasn't able to get a good datalog on it.

So I'm assuming I am having a heat soak issue but it doesn't seem like anything is out of the ordinary as far as temperatures are concerned. IAT is in the intake manifold. Could this be having some kind of a heat sinking effect where the sensor is reading lower than what the engine is actually getting? The only part that I'm really concerned about is that the turbo kit that is on the car puts the post intercooler charge pipe directly behind the radiator and so it is just getting blasted by the 200 degree air, but I would have thought the IAT would be higher if that was an issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you run a higher octane fuel on hot days?

Next fuel would be ethanol. While I do want to switch at some point I refuse to rely on pump ethanol due to inconsistencies and thus will be stuck with drums. Not the worst thing in the world as I don't street drive hardly at all but then I have to store a drum.

If you tune for E50, you will see a massive improvement of knock resistancy. Having said that, if the pump E85 is inconsistant, ie., E60 or E70, you will still be reasonably safe and gain cooling effect as well as improved performance due to the oxygenated ethanol part.

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