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knock detection device

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Gathering tools to start tuning. Anyone have or know of a knock detective device for sale? A good second hand one I'm after as budget is tight cheers.

If your budget is tight then make your own, copper tube, some garden hose and a set of ear defenders is all you need

how is that ment to pick up any detonation? yould just be hearing engine noise lol

Knock sensors are just microphones. The ECU then filters out normal engine noise to detect knock. This is why there is no "one-size-fits-all" knock detection system, as the ECU needs to be taught how to detect knock in the noise its picking up, each engine produces different noise so the characteristics need to be calibrated. Your ears are much easier to set up and use and probably more sensitive, it's just your brain and your body can't react as quickly as an EMS when you hear knock, e.g. pull timing or add fuel etc, which the ECU can do before the next combustion cycle.

As Error404 has said, knock sensors are basically microphones, most budget and early built electronic knock sensor equipment don't have any filters, if they do then it is poor quality. The hose pipe method is in use by some of the top tuners as they just don't trust electronics, it is a lot better than you'd think.

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