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Knock detection gear, the new knockblok g4+ vs plex knock monitor v2

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Has anyone tested the above ahead to each other and which one do you advise/prefer and why ?

I do use link ecu's most of the time ;)

We did some beta testing on the new Link Knockblock and I was impressed with it. It's audio only, so hence much simpler than the Plex unit but this is reflected in the price. The adjustable filtering on the Plex unit is potentially superior on particularly noisy engines. We have a G4 Knockblock production unit arriving in a week or two so I'll be able to provide more feedback then.

Seems intresting so far. Can't yoj see some visual feedback trough the link software ?

Would be nice to keep de topic up to date when you can test the unit some more :)

The G4 Knockblock is purposely a pretty stripped bare system and it solely does audio. This is why the price point is lower than the likes of the more complete Plex unit. Having said that, the G4+ has a pretty advanced onboard knock control system anyway so you can visualise the knock feedback in the logging.

Has anyone tried or is using the link knocklink visual detonation warning set up ?

The reason I ask , is that my hearing isn't fantastic and I don't know If I would hear knocking even with earbuds and muffs .

Andre, do you have an idea of the new knock block still have the outputs, like the old one ( digital output, analog output). And what i've mentioned, in the pictures altough, is that the sensor cables are very short, correct me ifbi'm wrong ;)

Andre, I'll think i will go for the plex unit, but now i'm considering if i should go for the single or twin sensor edition. As on aftermarket ecu's the internal knock control is most of the time quite effective so i'm wondering if it is necessary to have the additional sensor

actually i have the plex knock v2 and i am not happy with the audio quality,the unit have a lot of features to do with but i always have unwanted noise,i tried plugging it as usb and 12v source,tried few laptop and few headset but i always had noice

andre have you compared the new link knock block vs the phormula ?


I have to say, if i listen to the demo files on their website, i found they aren't as easy to hear knock compared to the files found on the knockbox website. I've asked link if they have some demo audio files of their new knockblock.

To the users who own a plex unit: is the sound off the unit as it's on the website or is it clearer in real life

For me,the sound quality was even harder to distinguish knock on real life

Hello André

Allready had some time to do some more testing with the new knockblock G4+?

The G4+ Knock Block uses a 3 pole stereo TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) socket, where as your iPhone earbuds use a 4 pole TRRS (Tip Ring Ring Sleeve) plug. Since the knock block has it's earth connection in the socket in a position that lines up with the second ring on the Apple earbuds, you end up with no earth/ground connection going to the earbuds, as it connects to the microphone contact instead.

Use a pair of earbuds without a microphone and just a plain stereo plug and it will be fine.

I ordered a Knock Link recently (visual), but the -blocker (audio) arrived. I tried it with normal android buds (stereo with microphone), and I was so amazed, I called the seller immediately that I want to keep the "wrong" product!

Was the "popping candy" sound the knock noise?

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