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Knock Detection in Europe

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Hi Guys,

It's time to look into a knock detection device, in order to support tuning my N/A 1.3lt rally car.

The engine is moderately tuned with a CR of around 11.2:1 and upgraded cams, revving up to 8000 and producing around 125hp, compared to the stock 75hp. To be honest, i am not sure if it's knock limited, since there was never a knock sensor on it with the current old pectel ECU, but better safe than sorry.

I will update the ECU to a Haltech Elite 1500, which has closed loop knock control, so i plan to utilize it.

I do know that the Plex knock monitor is a supreme product, but it is unfortunately way out of my budget, so i am looking for an alternative.

I am looking into tuner nerd, but shipping and customs from the USA is increasing the cost significantly.

I came across Phormula KS-4 or the KS-PRO analyzer but i have no info about it.

Does anyone have any other alternative, ideally possible to source within Europe?



I've got the phormula knock ear

They are good! Although, if you can invest in something like a tunernerd cause it has more data acquisition possibilities compared to the phormula which is basically just audio amp with a knock sensor

If budget is a concern then build yourself a set of analog det cans. Costs 30 euros to do, and you will be amazed at how clearly you can hear detonation. I used this guide for mine years ago and still using the first one I built (https://www.d-series.org/threads/diy-stethoscope-det-can.104254/)

I have used this setup on lots of engines ranging from NA race engine to 1000hp 2JZ's and can always hear the det pretty damn well. No electrical signal interference either, which can sometimes be a pain when listening via an electronic knock system.

You can set up your Haltech elite to use a wideband bosch knock sensor using det cans no problem.

I have used plex, link knock block, phormula and still use a set of det cans 75% of the time. I rarely use my plex, usually only when I need to monitor multiple banks or need some re-assurance about what I'm hearing.

Thanks for your input guys!

Dhaval, I am also leaning towards the TunerNerd, but the simplicity of the KS is also useful. For the same budget, i would probably go for the extra features.

Mike, that's also a nice idea. Plain, cheap and probably reliable enough. My main concern is the general noise, generated by the semi-solid mounts, dog box ect. Not sure if this is a general issue with all systems though. What's your opinion between knock block and the phormula products?

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