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Knock detection system recommendations

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For some reason I’m finding this a bit of a treasure hunt to find info on this. Looking for a system that has both an audio interface to connect headphones, has an output which can talk to my ecu (Hondata s300 can accept 5v analog or CAN), and if possible also has some sort of visual indicator I can mount somewhere. Ideally it would be capable of running off my factory sensor which is conveniently located in the ideal spot in the block which doesn’t really accept the donut style sensors. If I had to mount a donut sensor I could though.

In case it comes up my factory sensor is at the moment purely decorative. The factory ecu circa 1995) which my Hondata lives within doesn’t provide any useful way to interface with it and it’s disabled. I need a better system with digital signal processing which outputs the result to my Hondata’s datalog. Unfortunately the factory knock detection (if enabled) is a closed system which doesn’t work outside of cruise rpm (nor does it really work anyway) and doesn’t have any data that makes it to the datalog.

The Plex Knock Monitor v2 is almost perfect for you, but uses a donut style sensor. It has 0-5V output standard, but you can get a CAN version as an upgrade.


The Plex is one that seems to come up a lot. It almost seems like that is the only option. The Link KnockBlock doesn’t seem to have an output for the ecu, and then you have to buy a separate unit for the visual indication. After all that same price as Plex.

Joe as above the plex is the only option i have found good results with for what you are wanting to do

regards Ross

I’ve ordered it, hopefully lives up to it’s reputation.

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