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Knock help?

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So Im tuning my Evo 9 low boost at the moment and I was showing a few counts of knock in the logs so I pulled 2 degrees then the turbo started spooling much faster than before and knock count went up. Heres the log of the higher knock using the lower timing map and this is a 4g64 bottom end 10:1 compression with an old school fp green jb turbo. The lower timing in the mid range load around 100 spools too fast and I have no way to control it as the duty cycle control starts at 160 load.

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Can you post screenshots of all your wastegate settings? You basically have no boost control. Wastegate duty is 0 or 100. So naturally the wastegate is closed and your boost is determined by the amount of turbine energy, and more spark retard --> hotter exhaust, more energy driving turbo, and thus higher boost.

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Heres my boost settings

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From the boost control perspective, try setting the "WGDC setting at 100% until this load" to say 100% instead of 160. Understand that this will affect boost response, but you need to get the boost under control first. I believe the way it works is that first it checks this load based value (currently 160, but again try dropping it).

Are you sure it's not using the load based table, the one you didn't check in the screenshot?

Yes Im sure I have V7 tephra with omni4bar and is setup for psi based boost control instead of load based but that table does still work that you mentioned so I will give that a try. Thank you for the help

The only knock Im seeing now is accelerating up a hill. Any pointers you can give or is there a lesson that I missed that covers that? It was only 9-10 degrees timing already Im wondering if I should increase timing slightly?

Im buying a knock block for my next mod any discounts available from any vendors ?

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