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Hi Everyone. I will be building a harness for my 2jz running a Haltech Elite 750 and will tune it myself on 93 pump gas to start. The Elite 750 does not come with knock control or knock monitoring, so I am looking for ideas to make this happen. Specifically I am looking for an option with dual knock sensor inputs and a 0-5v output to the ECU so I can create knock control/visually see what is happening. So far I have considered the Plex knock monitor v2 and the Link knock block. The Plex is not very budget friendly but seems to be a great option. The knock block seems to be good price and quality, however I am not sure how to get an output from it for my ECU. Is there a way I could make the knock block work? Or are there other options out there that would meet my criteria? Thanks in advance

In all honesty you're probably trying to achieve something that you're going to struggle with using the Elite 750 and if you want knock control you'd be better to consider selling the 750 and purchasing a higher spec Elite with built in knock control. The Plex knock monitor does provide an external output via CAN but the Haltech doesn't have a user configurable CAN bus so there would be no way to use this information. The Link knock block is a complete standalone unit that offers no output at all.

If it was me, I'd purchase the Link knock block and use that for audio knock detection while tuning. Knock control is nice to have but certainly not essential - For probably the first 8-10 years of my career we didn't have access to ECUs with knock control and I still managed to provide excellent and reliable results.