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Knock monitoring for stock ecu.

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Hello everyone, I would like to buy a knock monitoring to equip myself at best but I have a doubt. On the stock ECUs how can I connect with a knock monitoring for a road test?

I am about to buy from TunerNerd.


You would typically fit a separate knock sensor for the tuning tool.

As Adam as written above, always fit a stand-alone knock sensor for tuning, you will have a much better feel for the sounds you hear in headphones and see on any monitor devise when you use the same sensor for each engine your tuning, I use the Link Knock block with headphones and also connected to my dyno as a 0-5 volt input to graph the noise, by using the same bosch sensor I have a good consistent sense of what is knocking and what is just noise

thanks to both of you for the replies. one last question if I can! In a factory ECU if the knock sensor detects a knock it will reduce the advances instantly (at least so I think). wouldn't it be a good idea to disable the knock sensors from the ecu just to correctly configure my ignition table?

If your ECU reacts to false knock (that you have confirmed with your audio knock equipment) and start pulling timing is some area, you will need to desensitize your knock sensor or adjust your ignition retard strategy in those area. If you are totally confident with your ability to detect knock with the audio equipment, yes, you can disable the retard strategy.

Might be easier to just note when the timing is being pulled, and reduce it until it isn't reaching that trigger point?


That's what I used to think, but once I tuned a Subaru with a forged engine, that is known to being noisy and trigger false knock. Even if I pulled more and more timing, the ECU was still pulling timing in a particular area, when I was hitting WOT on the dyno. I was also listening and logging the knock with the Plex Monitor v2 which wasn't showing knock either.

So I had to follow the desensitization process in the COBB tuning guide so I could achieve a proper tune.

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