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Knock monitoring on V8 engines - 1 or 2 knock sensors?

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Hey guys, I'm about to purchase a knock monitoring kit but I don't know whether I should get the dual knock sensor kit or not as I am going to be mostly tuning V8 engines. I contacted the supplier of the kit and he suggests that if the motor knocks on any cylinder even on V motors, it will show up anyway if you only have one knock sensor connected. Two are not needed but he sells them anyway as some people insist on having two. Would love anyones thoughts before I decide to buy a kit. Preferably one would be good as its a cheaper option :)

Hi Rob,

Yes the supplier is correct in what he saying, in the ideal world using 2 is better but 1 knock sensor will detect knock throughout all of the V engine. It will be down to personal preference after that.

Also dual knock sensors will provide you more flexibility in where you mount them. Single sensors on a V engine usually get mounted on the block in the valley of the V where they can hear both banks equally well.

Dual sensors will let you mount each sensor closer to the combustion chambers on each side.

What about for situations where you can not easily get access to the valley or block? Any advice on where to place a sensor then? My local dyno guy mounted sensors on the bracket I highlighted in red in the attached image (not my actual car, just a pic from the internet)

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