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knock sensor noise on a gen 6 camaro

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im kind of beating my head against the wall here. I do not have an external knock sensor on this vehicle so i am relying on the ecu to display any knock .

this car has a 4" intake and long tube headers. the amount of knock retard just doesn't seem logical. total kr has been as high as 12 with 8 degrees of timing on a naturally aspirated engine.

i attached a log along with the tune. i zeroed out any tables applying advance. the knock retard did go down however the power went from 432/444 to 407/437 with a very consistent 30/30 loss under the curve.

at this point i feel this is just noise and being that it is a new gen camaro it could just be precautionary measures in the ecu

the pull before this i had adjusted the knock sensitivity from 3.2 to 4.0 in all cylinders and it picked up a bunch of power.

has anyone experienced this on a 17 camaro ? im wondering if i should just use the ect and iat modifiers and turn the knock sensors off

post screenshots of the log. It's possible it is knocking at very low rpm only.

If you use audio knock detection equipment, you'll be able to validate if the ECU is in fact detecting real knock. In my own experience this is the most reliable way of deciding what is happening.

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