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knock sensor noise v igntion time

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tonight I was tuning my buddys cars 1jz chaser jxz100 (lovely car) stock turbo but I found on the stock ecu even on low boost we had some knock , so we fitted a apexi pfc I took a lot of timing out of the base map and still found I had bad knock more so when low revs high boost knock on apexi was over 60 with bad knock , after some tuning I got it smoothed out with no audible knock I felt I had pulled abit too much timing knock count on apexi was 25 max I added some timing and at some points the apexi was showing high 30s but still no knock I could hear.

so could the knock sensor be showing a higher knock count with out any detonation just due to more ignition timing ?

hope that make sense and thanks for any help

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