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Knock sensor on a haltech sport 1000

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Hi guys does anybody know how to wire in a aftermarket knock sensor on a haltech sport 1000 as the plug and play unit i have for me evo 7 does not have a knock setting in the ecu

Sport 1000 does not support knock sensors.

The elite series ecu however, does. And it uses the same loom as a sport 1000

Today I was thinking on this thing...

Some monitors processors (not the sensors) got an 0-5 analog output ...

I think, this could be conected to an analog input.

I got an ps1000 too, and I will use it in a ae86 with the 16v 4ag. (The project, is to put an F20C Honda) but my mechanic is slower than my without engine car....

Regards, and I'm eating for more answers..

Yep that works- the Plex Knock V2 is great and well covered in a recent webinar. It supports CAN too!

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