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Knock sensor sensor location - my options & what's best?

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Hi all,

My first post here so thank you in advance to anyone who replies and helps me out :)

So basically my question is around knock sensor placement - I have 3 non-ideal locations and am trying to work out which is the best to go for, or the least worst for any ToN fans!

I am running an uprated supercharger which physically blocks access to the OEM knock sensor location

However, the supercharger relocates the knock sensor - but I have serious doubts as to whether the relocation position is of any use at all, as it relocates it onto the body of the supercharger itself - not even on a bracket where the SC is bolted to the block... it just seems a completely random place for it. I may be wrong, it may be fine - but from what I've read and from looking at it, I can't say it looks ideal.

According to my ECU (ECUMaster) it picks up a huge amount of noise here, and I've had to turn the gain right down to keep general engine noise under 3v. I am able to set the knock frequency to hopefully filter out the majority of the SC noise... but I am still doubtful whether it would pick up any knock being located on the SC, rather than the engine block?

Option 2 is an un-used boss lower down the engine block and offset to the right - pretty much under Cyl 1. This location looks better to me, but my only concern with it being that it is quite off to the right - definitely not central. It is on the block though, so my gut feeling is that this location is better than #1

Option 3 is another un-used boss just above the sump. Fairly central, but very low (where the block and sump join). According to HPAcademy videos, Andre states having it low on the sump isnt always a problem... so this may be another option for me?

I would really love to hear opinions on my 3 options and which would be best to go for.

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option 1 looks plain stupid indeed.

option 2 and 3 look perfectly doable to me , i would try both and try to make it knock lightly and check if the levels are usefull.

i would prefer the central location , i've had perfect results with the sensor down low on the blok

On the supercharger itself is probably the last option I would use. Either option 2 or 3 should give you good feedback. I even use the intake manifold sometimes when I have no choice and manage to get good feedback.

Thanks guys - I've moved it to position #2 (the middle/right position) and increased my gain quite a bit (was 0.45, now 1.05) and seem to be getting good data.

Need to do some low revs high timing pulls now to see if it picks up any real knock

good work guys

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