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Kpro4 and Innovate LC1 wideband setup

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I'm seeking some help with the setting up of my LC1 wibeband. The problem is I can't get it to read properly with Hondata's LC1 conversion

When I use the custom conversion I only input the voltage and value (0V = 0.5 and 5V = 1.52) which are provide by Innovate and it will read perfectly, But with the custom conversion Kpro doesn't see the A/F reading.

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Seems like you've answered this yourself. Use your custom conversion as it produced the correct result.

Does the close loop works with the custom conversion as I'm not seeing it in the external wideband line up when I go custom conversion.

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I always assumed you would use the OEM built-in wideband with closed loop fueling.

I think you should work with Hondata (or whoever you purchased the Hondata from) to resolve this..

I wanted to use the OEM o2 sensor but after trying two new sensors and still couldn't get to work properly I decide to use my LC1 wideband.

What is your goal here? To datalog the LC1 AFR reading or to solve some fueling issue? Can you give us more details on the engine and what mods you have?

My goals are to datalog and tune the vehicle using the LC1. The engine is a JDM K20A not a Type R more like a K20A3 but it has 3 lobe on the intake cam,

also it's going to be turbo once I fix the issues I'm having with the A/F readings.

I'm still trying to understand. You say you're able to read AFR with the LC1 into the Hondata software during tuning, so what's the problem? Are you trying to run closed loop on an LC1 sensor? Sorry it's been a while since I've set up Hondata stuff, I don't remember if that's an option or not.

If it is, don't use it. The reason is that you want the stock ECU controlling the heater of the sensor, and also because the stock ECU can detect a failure in the sensor and go into failsafe, whereas when the LC1 inevitably craps out on you (they're notorious for overheating etc) you're now limping along.

The reason for using the LC1 is I couldn't get the OEM o2 sensor to work, bought two brand new Denso sensor 234-9004 and 234-9005 and got one to work for awhile and then got the error code P0134 again. Still trying to trouble shoot the OEM 02 sensor but got the LC1 to work using a LC2 conversion instead, I personally think there is something wrong with the LC1 conversion which Hondata use.

So I pulled up a PDF of the K series Civic Si (I'm assuming your application will be similar) and looked up P0134. It looks like it's a pretty straight forward diagnosis. Did you inspect the harness for any damage? Have you modified the ECU at all? Also, after you replaced the sensor, did you pull the fuse like the service procedure says to do?

See attached pages.

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The engine was swapped into a eg civic and the only modification to the ECU was the Kpro, I'm also running a ktuned conversion harness and the only thing I notice was the heater wires were swapped (pins 3 and 4) on the connection harness for the o2 sensor. Repin the wires according to the electrical drawing, sensor still didn't work. So I'm not sure if it the sensor or the ECU.

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