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Lambda AND EGT sensors?

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Hi all

Is the any point have lambda AND EGT? This is a fast road/track day/race V6 engine.

I have ONE spare AV channel left. I can either use it for a single EGT sensor or swap things around and have left AND right wheel speed sensors.

I already have an LTCD covering lambda, one sensor per bank.

Thanks in advance.

A single EGT sensor is useful to a point, particularly if you want to ensure you're not risking a turbo via excessive EGT for example. You might want to incorporate a single EGT for example to help with the calibration of an antilag system. You're not going to be able to perform much tuning based on this input though. To make the best use of EGT input I'd suggest one per cylinder which adds to the complexity and cost though.

How many inputs do you have free on the CDL? What are you using the wheel speed sensors for (i.e. traction/launch control) The overall strategy that you have for the car can also determine what sensor you give priority to when you have a situation like this.

Hi Andre, thanks for the input.

As the engine is naturally aspirated I'll go with the wheel speed sensor. I suspect the car is going to have more setup, handling and traction problems than issues with tuning!

Thanks for the input BlackRex.

I am still finalising the inputs on the CDL, now that I have an MDD to take the load off it for switches and rotaries (just finished 'learning' the MDD last night...bargain for £300 off ebay!).

The wheel speed sensors are for launch and traction control. The car is going from 180BHP/170ft lb to 300+BHP/240+ft lb and I really have no idea how it will cope!

I guess the strategy is to at least make the car easily driveable on public roads and then progress from there with tuning the chassis with as much data logging input as possible.

The thing that clinched the deal with Motec over others was datalogging and i2....being a one man band I need as much help as I can get!

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