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Lambda at idle

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Can anyone help with how to get 1 lambda at idle in both park and drive I've got 1 lambda in drive at idle but put it in park and it's between 1.02 and 1.05 and moving between both are sitting on. 3300 Hz on EQ err 0.20 for drive and 3.4 err in park . Is there a multplyer for park gear or some thing Has anyone got some ideas

I found in mine that I'm in a different cell at moving idle (and different rpm) than at stationary idle. Are you in the same cell in both circumstances?

Yes both are 3300 Hz at idle but now and then park will jump to 3450 Hz for a second, park lean in both Hz. in drive wideband reads 1 lambda QE Err it's 0.20 err good enough for me

While I don't have any input as on park/drive as I don't tend to build auto setups but I have to ask, does it matter? Unless you're shooting for emissions go as rich as needed to have reliable, solid idle.

I gess not but trying to get 1 lambda in cruising got pe set to .85 lambda over 3000 rpm

For light throttle cruising, you should be around 1.1 or even as lean as 1.2 with some engines - that'll give the best fuel economy and also minimise oil dilution, plug fouling, and other potential problems.

I don't want to go that lean at cruise not that big on saving fule or I wouldn't be driving a V8 or have have DOD Delete and cam put in. Just have been getting the tune better than I came back from DOD delete, cam and tune. Before I started playing with it the smell of fule all through the cab at the lights now no fule smell at all

Sorry about the spelling auto correct on the phone keeps changing fuel to fule

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