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I my lambda sensor to close to my turbo.

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I'm sorry I don't understand your question? Are you asking 'is your lambda sensor too close to the turbo'? If so, I can't really tell much from the picture you've attached. Please clear up what you are asking and I'll be happy to help out.

Sorry what distance should a lambda sensor be from a turbo.

I generally try and locate the sensor at least 300 mm from the turbo outlet, however sometimes that's not possible and you need to fit the sensor where there is room. You can also fit the sensor further down the exhaust if that's easier. I'll quite often fit the sensor under the car near the gearbox in a north-south engine installation as there's often more room here. If the sensor is a long way from the turbo then there will be some minor transport delay or latency in your readings but in reality this is usually only noticeable at low rpm.