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Lambda sensor part number

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is there's any specific lambda sensor part number i should be looking for or any recommendation?..

i always tune cars with wide-band but i'm trying to move to the lambda side because of the changes that we have in type of fuels and the adding of ethanol on the regular fuel.... that's why i want to know if there's any particular part number in lambada sensor that u gusy like to use.. thanks

It will depend on which controller you are using as to which sensor is needed.

Most controllers use the Bosch LSU 4.2 sensor as it is nice and cheap but you may find that with the mixtures required for running ethanol mixtures you will suffer sensor failure on a regular basis. With this in mind I'd look for a controller that uses the Bosch LSU 4.9, there is a fundimental design change in the way the sensor references O2 which makes it more suited to lower AFRs.

As a tuner you'd need a controller which is robust and portable, for road tuning I use an Innovate LM2, this comes with LSU 4.2 sensors and cables but you can upgrade the firmware and replace the cables to allow you to use LSU 4.9 sensors

Awesome, I didnt know the lm2 can now accept lsu4.9 too..

actually the design change for 4.9 was done last year.

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