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Lambda targeting for race mapping.

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Am looking at doing a map for a track saxo vts on throttle bodys with uprated cams. Being fuel efficent isn't my aim like a road map,so would aiming at about 0.89 over the whole vac range be a suitable target for peak power along side doing the timing.then after do some testing below that target for improvements in the low load areas for response in setting a mild afr transition and maybe test tad richer top end and full load for gains In that area and controlling of temps?

Every engine is different, so there isnt a definitive answer; however if you share more details about the car/engine/setup you will get a better response rate on here :)

Have edited to give abit more detail. Hopefully that may help give more of an answer.

In general most N/A engines will produce maximum power at approximately 0.90 +/-0.02. It's a case of testing to find out how your specific engine performs. There's really no need or advantage to running the engine at 0.89 in the vacuum area of the map though unless you specifically need to use additional fuel to cool the engine.

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