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Lambda Upgrade Randomly Disappeared

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Hi everyone,

I have a M800 that I have set up on an engine dyno and having been running for the past few days. Last night lambda stopped working and now when I connect to the ECU before opening the file, no lambda logging can be seen? Refer attached photo. It has been there for the last few days and lambda has been working fine. Any ideas? I will contact MoTec this weekend, but was hoping someone may have some advice for now.

Kind Regards,


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Lambda is enabled for the first 8 hours of running, I suspect you don't have the Lambda enable option, but have just used the first 8 hours.

Here is the wording from the MoTeC website regarding the M800 features:

• Free access to wideband Lambda and data logging for initial tuning. Available for the first 8 hours engine running time

Thank you David