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Leaded Gas / What type of gas to use?

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I have a 1.5 JZ motor (2j bottom end / 1j head). I have had it tuned by a "professional" and I am running about 560HP.


1.5 bar

stock ignition

ngk bkr7e plugs (tight gap can't remember exactly how much, but tight)

stock coilpack

hks twin power ignition

850cc injectors

bosch 044 pump (stock lines / in stock tank )

garett gt35 turbo

aem ems v1

gas 110 Leaded


1. I was just told that running leaded gas will fry my 02 sensor. I haven't had any issues so far, so I am just wondering the validity of this statement.

2. If this statement is true, than what would you suggest type of fuel to run on my car given the above specs.