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Lesson 01 : Understanding Fuel Tuning

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Hello Andre & All,

I have a couple of questions here.

1. I can see on the left hand screen the Lambda1 and also the Lambda Target. I have never used the Infinity Tuner before and i was wondering if there was suppose to be another screen inside there that shows the differences by percentages between the Lambda1 reading and also the Lambda Target? Probably if there was one, wouldn't it be easier to just add/subtract to meet the target?

2. What would be the watch-out maximum value for coolant temp and air temp based what you were doing?

3. I noticed you made changes vertically on the RPM column by changing the values to meet the target. Is it correct to say that you have to do one by one per column and gradually go up the rpm range? What about the high rpm range? I reckon the car is gonna scream at that range.



Hi haz,

1. The AEM Infinity shows both the closed loop fuel trim being applied to correct any lambda error (if you're using closed loop fuel control), and based on this it will also calculate and display what the VE value should be. This makes tuning the VE table pretty quick and easy.

2. The coolant temperature and air temp ideally should be as close as possible to what you see when driving normally on the road or track. This ensures that the conditions we are tuning under are realistic.

3. I recommend tuning each cell in steady state up to about 2/3 of the engine rev limit. Beyond this it's not strictly necessary to be 100% accurate as we don't typically drive the car at 6500 rpm and half throttle. The full throttle tuning is completed in ramp runs. This is detailed very thoroughly in both the practical road tuning and practical dyno tuning courses.

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