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Link Atom 2 AC function

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Just checking if someone could be able to guide me set up the AC function, I set Aux 4 to AC clutch and digital input 2 set at AC request, run time values shows that the ac is active everytime i turn the ac switch, but theres no output, any suggestions please

Go down to chassis & body menu, AC Clutch control. Check it is set to basic mode and that the release values/delay are something suitable. The only other thing that is required is the engine must be running. If you go to the Runtimes screen, misc tab, AC Clutch control, the AC Status runtime will tell you the reason if it is locked out.

I'm not sure where i went wrong but it shows in the ac control f12 run values showing engage but no output on aux4 which is a/c clutch,it won't engage I use high speed signal via relay cheers!