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link atom wiring distributor trigger setup 2jzge

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Been trying to get my friends 2jzge hilux going has a link atom

ive wiried trig 1 to NE Trig 2 to g1 and both grounds to G-

is this correct?, has spark to distributor cap but nothing to plugs

first time use of a link ecu all other sensors are working as awell as injectors

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It sounds like you've got the wiring correct. I can never remember the Toyota naming schedule for their pickups but you can always physically look at the pickups and trace the wires. Normally Toyota use a white wire as the common ground and a 24 tooth pickup for Trig 1. They then usually have two sync teeth that are offset by 180 degrees.

I'd suggest using the trigger scope function to see what the ECU is actually receiving from the dissy. It may be that you have the arming threshold tables set too high for the ECU to actually see a valid trigger signal.

i saw .5v with multi meter on trig wies 1 and 2, trigger settings were another thing. trig 1 was 24 teeth multi teeth can sensor and trig 2 was set 2 cam 1 pulse sync...

Hi- You say you have spark to the distributor cap ? So the coil is firing - ? And the HT lead is ok from the coil to the distributor cap ? That would suggest to me the fault lies in the cap itself or the rotor . Perhaps the contact point between cap and rotor . Also if spark is going to the dizzy it must be earthing somewhere . Perhaps check it in the dark to see if you can see where its earthing out .

sweet will do seems pretty hard to find 2jzge distributor parts, been thinking about swaping it to wasted spark. trying to get some ideas to try when i next see the truck

I agree with H8LUZN, if you have spark to your distributor cap but not from the cap to the leads then it maybe either the coil is getting fired at the wrong time and firing between poles and possibly jumping to a direct earth. Or a faulty cap/rotor setup.

Sorry, overlooked the fact you're getting spark. A pro tip with the G4+ is to press F12 to bring up the run time values display, click on the 'triggers' tab and then watch the Trig 1 and Trig 2 status while the engine is cranking. They should both go green and say OK. Also watch your engine speed and make sure that is sensible. If that all checks out then I'd look at rotor phasing or your base timing offset.

sweet,hopefully can sort it next time i see the truck, my friend who owns the truck is pretty keen to convert it to wasted spark as dizzy parts and leads are very expensive for 2jzge.. could i possibley use a rb ignitor with vn coils? or best to get a proper 3 channel ignitor?

The RB Igniter and VN coils will do the job. Cost effective and easy to find replacement parts for.

Just needs the wiring and setup changed so pretty straight forward

the rb igniter is 6 channel i believe is it possible to run 1 ign signal threw 2 channels as they will join on the other side just like the rb setup

Or you can just run 1 trig through 1 channel to trigger each coil and have 3 channels free and unused.

That's what I have done in the past.

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