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LINK CAN Lambda AFR displaying on Android Display

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Hi guys, i have a LINK CAN lambda fitted to my evo9 JDM MR with Link G4+ ECU. When i connect LINK to android to display live parameters to an app RealDash, it seems that AFR from Lambda1 cant be display no matter which option or datastream i tried.

1) I read some time ago on Link's forum, it seems that Link does not send CAN lambda data over USB unless its to PCLink. Can anyone confirm this?

2) I would really love to have AFR displayed, is it possible to somehow parallel the signal from Lambda sensor to both CAN and AN? So that the AN Lambda figures can be sent over USB cable to android display since CAN DATA cant be sent.

No, the serial stream only has analog inputs transmitted, no CAN inputs. You can see what is transmitted via the serial connection in the help file on the page >Technical Terms and Reference > Communications > Long Datastream

Your only option to display Lambda on a Android device will be using an OBD2 dongle (you should still be able to use realdash with OBD2). The downside of OBD2 is it is slower and some devices have noticable lag (i have not tried realdash via OBD2).

Will it be possible to splice the lambda sensor for a parallel AN to link before the LINK CAN Lambda Unit?

No, a wideband lambda probe doesnot output a analog voltage. The lambda value is derived from the pump cell current.

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