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Link Clio mk3 VVt not operating

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Hi all,clio MK2 with mk3 head , pulley , solenoid and cam sensor.Extreme Wire in ecu , cut of the old ecu (which ran the on/off type vct) , installed an Extreme instead.engine is build(not by me) with catcams 300degree cams for vct. also has stronger valvesprings.

engine runs semi-sequential (as before) on a aftermarket 60-2 crank wheel. I do not run it full sequential. engine only has 1 cam sensor on the (normally) moving cam.vvt solenoid is running on injector output 6(it does pwm , i took the solenoid out of the head and confirmed it worked when tested) , cam signal is working (hall) and i tried to use this on Trig 2 and on DI1.when i try to set it up there are some weird issues. sometimes when i initiate the calibrating position it doesnt recognise the tooth offsets , when i set that menu on inlet cam 1 i can see allmost steady numbers in the F12 vvt menu.

another weird thing is i sometimes see numbers : 68-151-331-608 , sometimes i see 247-427-511-691 , i would assume this is due to running semi sequential. when i enter the numbers manually i get no vvt error counters. i am unable to automaticaly let the ecu fill in the numbers there.biggest problem is i am unable to see the cam move. i can pwm or 100% turn on the solenoid and the cam doesnt move at all. the numbers in the absolute vvt position menu stay exactly the same.i have zero experience with these engines , when i setup subaru's its so easy i dont even remember how i set it up there. But this engine stays in the calibrating menu without saving the counted teeth or offsets.what am i missing here

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