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Link Ecu g4+ Knock control

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Hello guys, I have a question about Knock frequency kHz at 3sgte. It's fully rebuilded engine with PTE 6262 with 2 wideband Bosch knock sensors, one for ECU and one for TunerNerd. I am already working on to tune the Ecu with a guy from Link forum that helps me a lot.

We come to a dead end when we try to tune the knock control, my engine is very noisy due to piston slap.

I already make a record with TunerNerd software with some knock to determine the right frequency.

Can you check the photo from Spectogram and suggest me the best frequency to sellect? I believe at 15khz I have the less engine noise but knocks are still very visible.

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hi there,

if you have the stock diameter(86mm?) you can calculate the knock frequency. in this case i end up at 6.7. does that work out for you?

kind regards,


At 6.7 6.6 mine is very noisy.

Try using 13kHz or 13.2kHz if you can, this should filter out some noise

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