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Hi all, maybe some one here can point me in the right direction. Got a set of new Injector Dynamics injectors installed and the VE numbers at idle seem to be way to high. I have the dead times correct, the pulse adder and also min effective pulse. Am I missing something?

Engine is also running ethanol.

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I’ve actually set the base fuel pressure lower to help with the scaling, but obviously this isn’t the correct way to go about this.

Are you sure you set the dead times correctly? I believe Injector Dynamics always lists the fuel pressure as "differential pressure", which can be .45 to .7 bar higher than an atmospheric referenced fuel pressure if your injectors are below the throttle plate.

Is the fuel density correct for Ethanol? (Looks like it is).

Has the injector flow rate been set somewhere?

the density is pretty close at the least and appears to be right. I have went over all data 3 to 4 times and pretty sure it’s all correct. Flow rate has been updated as well.

Some of it will be the injector flowrate, the ID quoted flow rates are based on a fluid with properties similar to gasoline. They flow significantly less when tested with ethanol. For example the old ID1000 would flow about 950cc/min when tested with petrol Vs 810cc/min if tested with ethanol. Some of it may also be the deadtimes not quite perfect due to the driver differences.

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