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Link Ecu settings for SR20 Aftermarket cam trigger.

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Hoping somone can help me out with the correct trigger settings to input for this 5-0 Ignite cam trigger I've just installed. I just want to get the car running before I take it to to get tuned so it can be driven onto a trailer.

The instuctions are suited to haltech so hopefully somone can cross them over for me. ive attached the settings I've got currently.

INST-SRTRIG_r2 (50ignite.com)

Thanks guys.

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So what happens now? Do you get a reasonable Engine Speed when cranking?

BTW - get that battery on a charger -- you can't expect the engine to start if your battery only has 11.4 volts!

I assume the settings are incorrect as the timing light isnt flashing when connected. Im running LS coils and leads. The PC wasnt connected when I took the screenshots, but cranking speed is fine.

They look correct. They would be incorrect if you didn't get an Engine Speed signal.

What are your settings for ignition? Can you do a test to verify that the coils can create a spark? Does your timing light flash when that test is active?

Yeah, all your basic settings are correct and as David says if you have realistic and stable RPM when cranking it is a good sign the ecu is happy with the trigger. The Haltech offset wont translate to Link but that's not going to prevent it from sparking.

Got it sorted. Had to set the tooth count to 24 and swap the 2 trigger wires over in the plug.

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