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Link ecu suit RX7

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Hello Andre need some advise here to choose a Link ecu suit Mazda Rx7 1994.

car is complete lee stock with only i front mount intercooler

Link ecu have different model that will suit the 13B motor .

Link have the plug in ecu

the Link Storm plus ,the Link RX G4 ,Link Extreme and the new Link Fury,witch one will be the best choice and also what can you tel me about the factory oil metering pump with Link ecu.the plan is to upgrade the motor and turbo and fuel system.

Basically you could run the engine on any of these ECUs (except the RX Link as this has been discontinued).

I generally suggest unless you are planning to rewire the engine that a plug in ECU is your most cost effective option. You can run the engine using the Storm however just be aware that the oil metering pump will chew up 4 aux outputs. The Fury gives you the benefit of a single onboard lambda which saves you needing to add a wideband controller.

While the Link ECU can run the oil metering pump, it's common practice to eliminate these pumps and run pre mix in a built motor. Not essential but definitely common place. This however is probably driven by most older ECUs not being able to control the oil metering pump.

Thanks for the reply Andre .other thing here if when want to setup a new tune on e98 or e85 with the link ecu ,and lest say we have a new build engine and its ported bigger turbo, do whee need to ad more fuel injectors in the secondary fuel rail .if we choose to run 2xBosh 2400cc injectors in the primary and secondary.what i have notice that the Link ecu will do a very gr8 job controlling those big injectors even on pump gas. i can get a brand new Link Rx7 black box ecu to buy,but like you say the will be discontinue,that its better to go with the other models.

The fuel demands of the engine are going to depend on the fuel but also simply how much power you expect to be making. I've tuned methanol 13B drag engines that ran 10 2200 cc injectors just to give you an idea of how much fuel these engines may need at the 1000 whp mark. It doesn't help that a rotary will need to run a richer AFR than a comparable piston engine.

For a pretty common combination on E85 is a set of injectors around 2000 cc for both the primary and secondary. That should get you to somewhere in the vicinity of 550-600 hp. The next logical step is to add another secondary injector for each rotor. This ensures you can still maintain a good idle quality.

I would not recommend a Bosch 2200cc injector, especially in a rotary application. If you want to do this big you need either the Siemens 220lb injector or two smaller injectors.

The Bosch 2200cc injector (also marketed by Injector Dynamics etc) is a CNG injector and the flow rate varies depending on what fuel you are running. Bosch advise against running fuel through this injector.

To add to the above comment, you will definitely have trouble with the Bosch 2200 cc injector if you're running premix in the fuel as many people do with a modified rotary.

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