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Link ECU Thunder wheel speed on 370z

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Ive spent quite a bit of time trying to figure this out hopefully you guys can help me.

I am trying to wire all four wheel sensor to the Thunder ECU which are 2-wire sensor.

There is a specific way to wire them up with the Thunder but I haven't been able to get any reading by trying both Pullup On and OFF all well as inverting the wire + & - .

some other 2-wires sensor can use a +12v then the other wire to a DI but no success there too.

im kind of lost and quite annoyed with this situation.

hope someone has this figured out. the 350z is also using pretty much the same sensor.

Those sensors are current-loop, you need to have a resistor in circuit to get a voltage change you can detect.

thanks David,

Would you be able to guide me into doing this please ?

what type of resistor?

I'm going to copy and paste my reply from the same question on the Link forum.

Hi Daniel,

I believe this car would have active speed sensors, they are not widely used in the aftermarket world so its not going to be easy to make them work. Although they put out a square wave similar to a hall effect sensor, I believe the driver circuit (originally in the ABS unit) is critical to get the output to span a usable voltage range.

Normally we get wheel speeds over CAN from the ABS unit in the 350Z, have you removed the ABS?

You can refer to this document to understand how to make those sensors work if you no longer have the ABS unit: [url=https://www.motec.com.au/filedownload.php/CTN0007]https://www.motec.com.au/filedownload.php/CTN0007 Magneto Resistive Sensors.pdf?docid=3634

For our DI's you just need the voltage from the sensor to go above 1.5V and fall below 1.2V.

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