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Link ecu vs ecu master

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i love link and I have it on my skyline and e36 . I bought an mx5 and want to also change it to link plug in

need some advice please

basically I am not great with wiring and hence avoided stand alone vs p&p

i hat my 20 years old wiring on skyline and e36 so for mazda I am thinking i go standalone but then pain of all wiring and maybe try creating it or pay someone …

at the end think it will not save me any cost . Not that cost matter significantly but it is a factor

i think p&p is lovely as everything is wired in and as name suggest it is just to put it in the car and have a base map to start with.

I have seen loads people looking at ecu master and i am not a mechanic rather hobbiest loving cars and learning efi and knowing link, I don’t want to learn ecu master or other brands

Also p&p seems to be top of the range in terms on input output etc

is there any reason people go ecu master?

basically i am 99% on p&p link mx5 nb but part of me want to hear re both standalone link and any benefit and also ecu master


Given what you've said, I think you already know the answer to your question lol.

Link is good imo, I've built multiples harnesses now around PNP's and I just build around the OEM ecu connector. I believe the PNP's are a StormX on a daughterboard. So long as the harness on the car is in good condition and any quirks ironed out (NA's for example have sensor ground and ground tied together) a PNP should be fine.

Ecumaster has a great feature list for the money, but the software is different then Link's. With an EMU black you'll still need a PNP adapter or some labour time to cut and terminate the new connectors on. In the end the cost will likely be the same. Big difference is Ecumaster has an onboard wideband controller

Since you already know Link, I don't see a reason to change, even if it costs a bit more

Yep I also have seen me442 for mx5 which has wideband also and it is £800 vs link being £1200 plus £200 for wideband.

as I don’t work for people or other cars, think It is best to stick with link and software I am comfortable with but £600 difference is tempting as me442 looks promising and guess software can’t be that difficult

it is p&p also

Between those two ECUs I'd have suggested Link even if it wasn't PnP. Being plug and play, all the more reason to use it.

The G4+ and X Link PnP ECU's are an Xtreme board.

The fact you are comfortable with Link I would suggest sticking with it, I deal with all the ECU's you've listed and Link is by far the easiest to get on with, set up quickly and has on-board datalogging.

The ME442 you're looking at does have an on-board lambda controller but you'll still need to get a sensor and wire it in, the current price for the ECU is closer to £900 rather than the £800 you've mentioned. As for the Link price, it really depends on which MX5 you've got

Got link yesterday so link family now. Appreciate the comments:)

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