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Link Fury adapter harness

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I am about to make my own adapter harness to fit a fury into a 2004 Impreza STi(UK). I have the header and the A/B loom but need a little assistance with the pins.

I used the pinouts from the link plug n play so everything was assigned to the same pin as the base map but I am confused with where to connect the ground and +14v Relay to. On the Link Pinouts printout it shows the plug in unit uses connector B84 and pins 4 & 5. However the ECU pinout from the workshop manual shows these pins as tumbler generator valves open & closed. (STi doesnt have TGV's)

I have attached my planning and my sources of information.

Thanks in advance for any help

Attached Files

The Furyquickstartguide_1-2 is my proposed wiring

Although there is power and ground on pins E4/E5, this is just to supply the TGV's, the main power inputs are on different pins and not mentioned in the Link file. Your "My02 STI" pinout seems to match the JDM WRX rather than what I call an STI pinout, so before I give you more info on how to connect the main relay etc, can you check pin A6 (B134-6) on your car and tell me if that is the ignition switch input or AC input. Check you have 12V on that pin when ign switch is on and that it doesnt change with AC switch.

Also, are you going to be using the stock fuel pump controller?

With this info I can give you better advice.

Thanks for the reply Adam,

I'll connect the battery up today to see if there is voltage to the pin. Currently the engine and ecu is out but I'd imagine I'll still power to the ecu connectors.

I will be using the stock fuel controller.

B134 - 6 is my A/C & B134 - 14 is my Ignition switch

I will be keeping the cable throttle at first and then converting to DBW in the future

Ok, assuming you're keeping the factory main relay, connect the ign switch wire (B134-14) to the striped end of a 1N4004 diode, then from the diode to the wire that used to go to B134-2. This circuit is used to energise the main relay when the ignition is switched on.

It looks to me like the power from the main relay came into the factory ECU on pins B137-2 & B137-3, So one of these can be connected to Fury pin A5. The factory ECU also sent +12V out to the cam solenoids and maybe other stuff on pins B84-6 & B84-17 so you can maybe connect these to the remaining power wire from the main relay.

There are a heap of grounds and in my documentation it is hard to know which were originally for grounding the ECU and which were for grounding other stuff. It looks to me like B136-17 is most likely the main ECU ground. There are others such as C8, C18, D8, D9, A15, A22, A7, E1 that probably ground other circuits in the original ECU. (in the Link plug-in all of these pins are connected to the main ground).

For the fuel pump controller the Link plug-in ECU has a zener diode connected in the circuit, I suspect this maybe to reduce the aux output signal from 12V down to 5V, so I suggest you do the same.

Thanks heaps Adam

Do you see any issues with the other stuff I have assigned?

This style of zener? https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/zener-diodes/7598888/

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