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Link g+ exterme and aim mxl2 data logger

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Good Morning

i have installed my AIM mxl2 and linked it via can to the dash. The problem i am getting is the AFR reading on the dash is way off from what is being shown on the link. what setting do i need to adjust in either the link or dash to have the 2 afr corresponding

Can you describe what values you are seeing in the Link G4+ and the Aim dash? Could it be as simple as Lambda vs AFR? Assuming that's not the problem...

First, make sure you have the latest firmware on the MXL2. On your laptop, make sure the Aim Race Studio 3 software is up to date. Finally, re-select the ECU in your MXL2 config to make sure you are getting the latest ECU version in Race studio. Transmit that config to the MXL2.

If your problem isn't resolved, you should contact your Aim dealer to report the problem. It's likely something that AIM has to fix, but they update the drivers as issues are reported, so it's important to let them know.

good evening the link is displaying 13.2 and the dash is displaying 17

i have the latest aim update have to verify the link up

Be sure you have configured the Link G4+ as per the Aim ECU connection documentation:


It looks like there are two wideband values sent, have you checked to make sure the correct data isn't on the "other" one?

Can you attach your ecu tune and dash config so I can take a look at your settings. You might have to put them in a zip folder for this forum to accept them.

please find attached dash config (not complete)

ecu tune

didnt see the zip files upload ?

No I dont see any attachment. You might have to share a link with google drive or similar.

do u have an email i could just email it because not getting it to upload

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