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why in the link g4+ worked exemple in the practical dyno tuning course we didn't make a lambda table or afr ?

Depending on the fuel model used and the way the ECU is configured, the open loop AFR table may not be used for any actual fuel calculations - It simply becomes feedback for the tuner or a target if you're using closed loop lambda control.

If you want to see how the table is used in a the modelled fuel equation (where the target lambda table is a key and essential part of the fuel calculation), check the worked example at the end of the list on the VW Corrado.

An okay thanks andre you mean that in ve table lambda table is essential and in a ms fuel table we don't need that table ?

Yes that's correct - It's an essential part of the VE or modelled fuel equation but not essential in the traditional fuel mode.

In traditional mode you can choose to use the open loop AFR table or not but if you choose to use it then it needs to be set correctly to your targets. In this way the Link almost replicates a VE based fuel model although the numbers in the fuel table don't represent actual VE.

thanks andre i got it