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link g4 can bus outlet issue

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having an issue with link g4 extreme ecu, im running a can bus mlx dash but my tuner has set it up so that only one of the two can interfaces can be used for either tuning (laptop in) or dash, id like to be able to use both as I am over plugging and unplugging the one socket and loosing dash functionality each time.

This was a problem that I don't think Link ever fixed before moving onto the G4+ range

The problem you're describing was only an issue to the best of my knowledge when you were communicating to an external dash or similar via serial, not CAN.

I've tuned cars for a race series here in NZ that used a ViPEC V88 (essentially a G4 Xtreme) with a Motec dash communicating via CAN and could still communicate with the ECU with the dash connected and functioning.

I've had the same issue last year and talked to Simon from LinkECU. The problem was using the LinkECU CAN Cable, as they also extended the Rx and Tx wiring from the board along with CAN Hi and CAN Lo. That causes the communication to drop out on the second CAN device.

The fix was, using just the LinkECU CAN connector and creating your own twisted CAN bus cable to the device. After that, the Laptop and the CAN device were functioning both at the same time.

PS: I remember, that Simon also told me, that I could open the ECU case and plug out the Rx and Tx wiring from the board, which I didn't want to do back then ;)

I had the same issue with a G4 Xtreme communicating with the Link branded version of the Race Technologies Dash2 Pro over CAN, could have been an older firmware though.

Try checking the firmware version is the latest release

What KGPerformance has posted makes perfect sense too

yeah right, thanks for the heads up guys ill have another play when i'm home. Only really new to this and was told by my tuner who is also the guy that wired it that it was a bridge in wiring that had to be removed to operate both at once but cant give me more info, seems a little fishy

Using LinkECU connector or that Link CAN cable cut close to connector and wired only CAN Hi and LOW wires works also, had the same problem last week.

so basically even tho there is two outlets only one high and one low can be used at the same time?

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