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Link G4+ CAN help

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I'm making a project like Lotus you did. But in my case is a Golf MK4 with Link G4+ GDi ecu. Same engine and gearbox.

I already talk to Link and said me that at time they made the ecu and base map they didn't have DSG so ecu misses info that DSG need to work.

As I see first of all DSG need info about brake switch so it open the Parking lock and put gear. And I think I will need Torque reduction to change gear easily.

Anyone here can help with CAN? Anyone have knowledge about this info so I can give them to Link to add them in CAN programming.

I really need help I already start the car working fine but I can't put any gear.

Noone has experience with Can?

Even if you did have all the required CAN information, there are just none of the required strategies in our firmware to interface with the DSG boxes. You will need all sorts of specific torque mapping tables such as available torque, commanded torque, torque reduction, etc.

It is very unlikely you will be able to get this to work.

So I bought a useless ECU and a I have it in a car that can't move?

As far as I know we have never said our ECU's can control the VW DSG, or any other electronically controlled gearbox/clutch system.

Unfortunately, with modern cars you cant just pick bits off different cars and expect them all to work together. Even if you changed to say the Syvecs Golf plugin ecu that does have support for the DSG, it still wont work because you wont have the signals coming from the matching ABS ecu and BCM to give the DSG all the inputs it needs.

And how it can work on a Lotus and even at erlier car as Corrado but not in a Golf MK4?

I dont know which specific cars you are talking about but I know there are a couple of guys that have built their own replacement "mechatronics" unit for them. There are also possibly standalone controllers available but it is not something I have researched.

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